Our Partners

Investments and Subsidiaries

Our growth is also taking place internationally. For this purpose, we have acquired stakes in companies that are established on the market in order to ensure continuous and sustainable corporate development.

Qualinet Consulting AG (CH)

Qualinet Consulting AG has been a recognized player in the Swiss market for over 30 years for the development of management systems of all kinds.


Syngenity GmbH (CH)

With our subsidiary in Switzerland, we are trying our hand at innovative ideas for a sustainable world. For this purpose, we operate the Bag-to-Life website there with products made from life jackets. Our subsidiary is the innovation hub for new ideas within the Syngenity Group.

Strategic Partnerships

We want to offer our customers fully comprehensive solutions. Therefore, we have decided to enter into strategic partnerships to integrate the respective strengths into our solution portfolio.


Technical solutions at their best. The TÜV Hessen Group company is a leader in cyber security. Infraforce GmbH can implement all requirements for technical solutions with you and for you. In combination with us, this results in solutions that are second to none.

Thales Datenschutz

The company from Würzburg can solve data protection from a legal perspective. The thoroughbred lawyers live and breathe the law and are happy to combine it with our pragmatic solutions. This means you are always on the safe side.


it.conex stands for sophisticated and innovative IT solutions in the areas of data management/protection and digitization, the optimization of business processes, and custom-fit IT infrastructure solutions. 


Akarion was founded in 2017 with the goal of developing outstanding and unique software and blockchain solutions, especially in particularly sensitive areas such as the compliance sector.

Aero Academy

Whether in the US, China or the entire European region, AeroAcademy GmbH is a sought-after and reliable partner in all matters of quality management, integrated management systems, and training in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries.

Network Partners

With a good network of partners we are stronger and trust in a good and intensive cooperation. We actively live our partnership and regularly give technical presentations. 


  • Syngenity GmbH 
    Ahornstraße 7
    85296 Rohrbach